What stops you from trusting your intuition and sharing what you know?

The course is designed to give you access to significantly greater power to influence your world.

It will also advance your leadership effectiveness in a way that aligns with your values and true essence.

You will also learn to recognize disempowering beliefs and behaviors and how to challenge the current dominant leadership paradigm through bold spirit and creative courage.

You will leave the course with a powerful and personal vision story for your own leadership path.


What’s Included?

The course consists of:

• 8 x 90-minute real time video conference group sessions
• video segments (to be watched prior to each group session)
• weekly workbook exercises
• 2 one-on-one sessions with other participants
• one 60-minute personalized coaching sessions with one of your leaders


Who is it for?

This course is for those who are done with the status quo and are called to make change. It is not for the faint of heart. It will require hard work and personal courage. You will be pushed past your edge of comfort. Participants must show up fully, own responsibility for your impact, engage deeply, and support each other completely.

“[Activating the Spiral] … feels like a hug and push at the same time.”

What people are saying

Kaitlyn Lyons

Past Participant and current Spiral Leadership Coach

“When I signed up for this course, my hope was that I could learn to create in a more aligned and attuned way. In Activating The Spiral I found that and so much more. I found a gorgeous model for leadership and life that I could apply for literally everything in my life, a deeply compelling vision for the next chapter in my life and business, a powerful community filled with inspiring women, and after a period of feeling tapped out and uninspired, I found myself again.”

~ azalea moen


There are three factors that lead to generating successful results of the Activating the Spiral course.


The first is commitment. This speaks to your commitment and the commitment of the community. You are not alone in your quest. The other participants will join you on this journey with the same dedication, the same fears, and the same courage. You will stand on the edge together and commit to stepping into your power, speaking your wisdom, and crossing the edges together.

“Activating the Spiral” is energized by your commitment and the commitment of your community.


This brings us to the second powerful component - the social support. Leadership development cannot be done in a vacuum. To lead requires relationship. It takes willingness to be seen and to see others. We need to be encouraged, supported and challenged to let go of our limiting stories, step up to our edges, and speak our truths. Your fellow participants will be your champions and you will be theirs as you all step over your personal edges.


The third key component of “Activating the Spiral” is implementation. This is where the Spiral Leadership model-map comes into play.

We use the components of Attunement, Resonant Field and Daring to Share to create our model and create shared language and support. The Spiral Leadership Model-Map provides a sequenced structure for our progress through the program. We move through it together, with the additional structure of a workbook and video lessons.

What is the investment for this 8 week course?

$800 USD

ready to activate spiral leadership in your life?

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