Throughout the year we offer retreats at our sanctuary on lush and wild Lopez Island in the Pacific Northwest

The content of the retreats is deeply integrated with the natural beauty of the island. We spend much of our time outdoors to deepen our connection with the earth.

Each retreat focuses on one of the components of Spiral Leadership: Attunement, Resonant Field, and Daring to Share.

The beauty of the Spiral Leadership model is the ability to access any part of the model at any point. There is no recommended order to the retreats nor do you need to take all three.

…You must be a graduate of or be currently engaged in the 8-week virtual activating the Spiral course in order to attend a Spiral Leadership retreat….


the themes




This is the retreat of play, reflection, meditation, art, activity, and sacred connection with Self.

During this retreat you will focus on prioritizing your relationship with yourself. Be released from self-judgment and give yourself permission to trust in your intuition.

resonant field


This is the retreat of safety, courage, and sacred connection with other.

During this retreat you will focus on creating healthy boundaries, learning to build intentional community, and understanding the power of trust and resonance to fuel our endeavors.


daring to share


This is the retreat of fierce courage, making a mess, pushing past artificial limitations and building the muscle of courage to use your voice to move your vision out into the world.

During this retreat you will focus on taking bold steps to go past your edges to share yourself and your powerful creations with the world.

what people are saying

For me, Spiral Leadership is a beautiful way to be in touch with the thoughts that come to us through moments of quiet, when we let ourselves have time and space to let our minds wonder and creativity is untapped. Through the guidance of Abigail and Kelly, our spiral tribe created a resonant field of community which was a yearning I held deeply and found during our retreat to Lopez.
Experiencing the gift of sisterhood was the best gift I received from the retreat and from the amazing women who participated.
— Taryn Laakso:

past retreats

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attuning to life

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woman at the edge of herself

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harvesting together

October 17-20, 2019


To join us, all you need to do is send us a message below saying “I’m in!” and one of our team members will be in touch shortly to welcome you.

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