On the surface Spiral Leadership is straightforward. At its core, Spiral Leadership is a way of creating in the world from the inside out. We do this through activating your unique vision and orienting yourself in the world through three powerful ingredients and practices:



Tuning into your relationship with spirit and your place in the whole creates self acceptance and authority. From this place of connection with oneness, your intuition is trustworthy, your vision available and your next actions clear.

What is your part to play in the unfolding of consciousness?


Resonant Field

Building a supportive space to bring your vision to life - the people, the physical environment, the natural environment. All of the ingredients you draw on to build energy to move your vision forward.  

Who/what/ where is the most fertile environment for your vision to flourish?


Daring to Share

The bold and brilliant act of daring to share your vision with the world, over and over, bit by bit, so the impact can move outwards, like a spiral. This is the place most women leaders falter.

What might be possible if you crossed your most feared edges to expose your unique brilliance to the world?

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The model is based on the creative force of nature’s spiral celebrating both the feminine and the masculine

The Spiral model map guides us to recognize and engage in a pattern of leadership different from the dominant systems of today.

In Spiral Leadership, we focus on acknowledging and strengthening feminine leadership qualities and then balance those with our well-developed healthy masculine leadership traits.

Activating Spiral Leadership in your life feels like finally coming home to yourself.

It will reawaken your child-like curiosity and willingness to make your creative contribution to the world welcomingly inevitable.

What are you waiting for?


That is because the true power of Spiral Leadership comes only through the hard work of having the felt experience shared within trusted community.

“Spiral Leadership is wholly unique from all other leadership programs I’ve experienced. [It] rocketed me forward to another level.”

~ Kaitlyn



Attunement dives into the practices that connect us with our deepest self, our inner wisdom, and our personal truth. By boosting our attunement we get clarity about what is important, what we have to say, and what impact we want to have.

A Resonant Field is intentionally generated space that provides protection and support for the exploration of what is important to us. Through designed alliances, we learn to create relationships (both within our program community and beyond) where we can safely share our vulnerable truth. In this way we tune our voices, get encouraging information about what we have to say, and direction on how to say it.

Daring to Share is when and where we courageously release our voice, our idea, our platform out into the world. This could be in the form of a new idea, a song, feedback, a business, a political platform. Only when we speak our truth powerfully and vulnerably, the world is changed.



  • The Spiral Leadership experience will give you an effective organic model to navigate every aspect of your life, from work to home, relationships to creative endeavors.

  • You will rediscover your confidence that has been buried deep under the status quo.

  • You will be gifted with impeccable permission to tap into the leader you know already resides within you.

  • You will gain a tribe of like-hearted explorers who will support your journey and challenge you to go bigger than you believed possible.

  • You will live a more organic, intuitive, and empowering life while experiencing the epic relief that comes from knowing who you are and how to engage the world with confidence and full permission.


How would your world change if you took the bold step to put these components into practice and allowed your organic feminine leadership to flow?