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abigail morgan prout

As a professional leadership coach, CPCC and PCC, Abigail has spent the past 20 years coaching, studying and learning from thousands of powerful women from all walks of life. Through this work she has gathered extensive data and been honored to witness and midwife emerging patterns and trends toward more feminine-forward leadership. Abigail holds a Masters degree in Counseling and has taught at both the secondary and university levels. She is a “sassy sacred muse”, leading training courses for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), the world’s largest coach training company. She lives on idyllic Lopez Island in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Clive and two daughters Iona and Sophia. She is a poetess and artist/ oil painter, deeply committed to evoking beauty and learning everywhere she goes.

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Kaitlyn Lyons

Kaitlyn’s leadership style is energetic, passionate, and playful.  She brings sweet heat and tender fire in service of aliveness.  She loves working with women in burnout and transition and loves helping them restore the play and personal attunement that they surrender in the busyness of working and raising families.  She invites women into PLAY and MESS as a powerful reset to total well-being and alignment.  Her mission is to create a world where women take care of themselves in service of getting things done and where they brag to each other about how well they are loving themselves (instead of bragging about how busy they are…because that’s just exhausting).  She is a graduate of Cornell University and has worked as a French Teacher, as a Writer and Researcher at Harvard Business School, and as a Corporate Strategist and Project Manager at Nordstrom.  She is currently a full-time coach (CTI-trained) and a student in CTI’s Leadership program.  She resides in Laguna Beach, CA where she lives a sunshine- and ocean-fueled life of big-time gratitude.


sarah wildeman

Sarah has spent her life seeking healthy relationship with herself and others, with the Divine, and with the earth. Attunement is her superpower. She challenges the status quo of cultural norms to live out her values holistically and authentically. She lead her first heart-centered women’s circle when she was 18 and has lived a life steeped in the essence of what Spiral Leadership is all about. She leads with grace, and depth and is not afraid of big emotions. She is passionate about seeing women truly know and trust themselves and to be empowered as a result.  With a background in environmental consulting and research, outdoor guiding, program development, teaching and facilitation, and birth support work, as well as a decade of community living, Sarah brings a range of experience to her coaching work (www.sarahwildemancoaching.com).  Sarah believes in seeing, naming, and celebrating the Holy in the everyday ordinary. She and her husband Jesse now live in Coldstream BC with their two daughters Skye and Dayla.


Monique Breault

Monique Breault is passionate about helping women express their authentic voice, step fully into their power, and work together to heal the world. An independent consultant, she is an oasis for those seeking clarity, wholeness and fulfillment. Her services include leadership development, leadership coaching and team effectiveness coaching.

After earning her BA in East Asian Languages and Literature in Alberta, Canada, Monique lived in Japan for 7 years, where she worked as an intercultural communication specialist for Procter & Gamble. She then moved to California and worked for 11 years at Hewlett Packard as an OD consultant and earned a Master of Science in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco. Monique started her own business in 2016. She is a certified Enneagram teacher and coach. 

Monique lives in Portland and enjoys the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest by hiking, doing landscape photography, and snowshoeing. She loves yoga, watching international movies, and relaxing with her husband and their cats.

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Katie post

Katie is dedicated to calling out greatness in women. As a leadership coach and consultant, she relishes diving in with women who are curious and courageous, daring to set a course for change with a compelling vision and open heart. Her style is rooted in a vibrant curiosity, an upbeat energy, and a fierce commitment to transformation. She has developed a company that honors her belief that we are all leaders of our own lives, learning how to grow ourselves and support the growth of others. She is a graduate from the University of Colorado, holds a Masters in Literature and is continuing to integrate the learnings of the previous two careers as an English Teacher and as a Marketing Executive in her current full-time role as (CTI-trained) leadership coach. She splits her time working with individuals and teams in Bend, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area. She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Brent, and two kiddos Poppy and Wyatt and one big bernedoodle, Bowie.


Tricia Bolender

Tricia works with leaders and organizations who are changing the world.  Her experience in developing women leaders spans globally, from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to North America, where her coaching bridges both strategy (head) and purpose (heart) - supporting clients to shine their light and be more loyal to their dreams than to their fears.  As a consultant, she advises governments, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies on strategy, leadership and transformation.  She received her BA from Harvard University, MBA from Columbia Business School and MA in International Affairs from Columbia University.  She is passionate about authentic leadership and living a purpose-driven life, and has spoken on this topic at TEDx, Yale, MIT, Columbia and at various international women's groups.  She currently lives in Seattle with her husband and toddler, Elliot.


Jilly Hyndman

Jilly Hyndman is a coach, facilitator and writer with 20+ years’ experience creating safe and playful space for personal exploration. Jilly came to coaching after a career in media, marketing, communications, project and people management because she longs for a world where everyone is completely themselves; where authenticity and self-expression are the norm, especially for women. Jilly loves helping women wake up to their voices, their purpose and their power. Along with 1:1 coaching clients, Jilly designs and leads workshops, champions courageous women at www.heartrageous.life, and creates conversations to demystify death. After a cancer diagnosis which resulted in re-evaluating lifestyle and priorities, she and her spouse, daughter and old farm dog relocated to Vancouver Island in 2018 from the Canadian Prairies.